3D Printing & Replication

Scanning and CAD modelling is at the heart of how we maximize the benefits of 3D printing to replicate historic artefacts, architectural details and modeling the historic interior.

Our software expertise and digital fabrication technologies provides benefits that includes:

  • Digital fixing and repairs of artefacts. Minimise the cost and time of manual repairs and reproductions. Eliminate tooling, easily scale, mirror or remodel parts, features and objects.
  • Tactile replicas and improving access. Share artefacts with visitors or the visually impaired that would otherwise be too delicate, precious or inaccessible.
  • Bespoke fixtures, supports and mounts. Production of precisely fitting mounts and packaging for storage, transport or display.
  • 3D copies for visitor handling, records, public display and limited edition celebration pieces.
  • Assisting traditional reconstruction with 3D printed parts, in-fills, tools and jigs.