Object Conservation

Lincoln Conservation are recognised specialists in the cleaning, conservation and restoration of decorative finishes and architectural elements.

Having worked on many iconic properties throughout the UK the expertise offered by our conservation team includes:


With many years of experience in this specialist area, Lincoln Conservation’s awareness of the complexities of ceramics and our skill in repair techniques enables us to conserve historic ceramic artefacts dating from antiquity to the present day.


Advice on condition and the conservation of historic wooden artefacts, timber panelling and other carved architectural elements. Our services include remedial conservation treatments, cleaning, pest eradication and protective coatings.

we are also able to offer advice on:

•Conservation cleaning techniques
•Insect pest treatment
•Consolidation of friable and crumbling surfaces to retain as much of the historic material as possible
•Stain removal
•Application of suitable ground layers and paints
•Application of suitable protective coatings if appropriate
•Advice regarding on-going preventive conservation to minimise the risk of further decay.


Textiles are all around us; as part of clothing, furnishings, furniture and decorative objects. The wide-ranging experience of Lincoln Conservation and their partners means that we can work with clients on textiles both as standalone objects, and as part of a more holistic, inclusive programme of conservation to an historic interior.


Highly experienced gilding practitioners for large and small projects undertaken on-site or in our studio. Lincoln Conservation have the experience to clean, reinstate missing elements and re-gild using a variety of techniques from conservation to full restoration.

Our philosophy is one of minimal intervention using traditional materials, tools and techniques, providing a finish that is sympathetic to the historic integrity of the project being undertaken.