Highly experienced gilding practitioners for large and small projects undertaken on-site or in our studio. Lincoln Conservation have the experience to clean, reinstate missing elements and re-gild using a variety of techniques from conservation to full restoration.

Lincoln Conservation are experienced practitioners in gilding techniques. We are able to conserve gilded surfaces of smaller moveable objects through to larger architectural features, requiring conservation in-situ.

Our philosophy is again one of minimal intervention using traditional materials, tools and techniques, providing a finish that is sympathetic to the historic integrity of the project being undertaken.

Specifically these techniques include:

  • Cleaning of gilded surfaces using appropriate materials.
  • Consolidation of fragile and damaged surfaces – a technique that retains as much of the original historic material as possible.
  • Preparing new ground layers using traditional gesso and clay based boles.
  • Replication of missing and damaged material using plaster and historically accurate recipes for composition.
  • Careful surface preparation prior to laying down the gold leaf.
  • Regilding using an appropriate high carat gold leaf, using oil size or water to match the existing finish.
  • Burnishing of water gilded surfaces.
  • Appropriate and sympathetic toning and distressing of newly gilded areas to blend in with the surrounding historic material.