Paintings Conservation

With a highly experienced, qualified and professionally accredited paintings conservator as part of the team, Lincoln Conservation are able to offer consultancy and conservation services to museums, art galleries and private clients. In addition to easel paintings, Lincoln Conservation are able to offer consultancy on paintings in an architectural context such as marouflaged canvases, wall paintings and murals, dating from the 17th century to present day.

The services offered include:

  • Consultancy and recommendations for the preventive care of paintings, including collections care advice and emergency preparedness;
  • Condition surveys of items and collections to produce conservation recommendations and to establish loan suitability;
  • Condition checking for touring exhibitions;
  • Comprehensive recording and surveys to include assessment of significance, condition, previous intervention and analysis, including identification of pigments, binding media and varnishes.
  • Protection of paintings for transit and couriering advice;
  • Conservation treatments such as surface cleaning, consolidation of flaking paint, removal of discoloured varnishes, structural repair, filling and reintegration of losses;
  • Modification of frames to include lining rebates, fitting of backboards and installation of non-reflective museum standard glazing.