Clandon Park House

Research and recording the surviving decorative finishes at Clandon Park House

  • Clandon after the fire revealing early panelling

    Clandon after the fire revealing early panelling

  • Wallpaper fragments

    Wallpaper fragments

  • Early and later decoration

    Early and later decoration

Clandon Park House is an 18th century Palladian mansion designed by Giacomo Leoni owned by the National Trust. The house was devastated by fire in 2015 resulting in the loss of much of the interior, but also the rediscovery of historic fabric hidden beneath layers of later restorations and decorative schemes. 

Lincoln Conservation was commissioned by the National Trust to examine the paint, wallpaper and other decorative finishes which survived the ravages of the fire, and to tie this in with previous decorative finishes research projects, and other archival material, to produce a thorough and holistic record. 

Alongside a discussion on the decorative history of Clandon, analysis through X-ray fluorescence (XRF) allowed for the identification of hazardous materials such as lead and arsenic, to inform staff and visiors. This was undertaken on site on the decorative finishes, in store, as well as on objects being treated by conservators, for instance analysis of the lead levels present in the textile coverings of the State Bed before and after cleaning.