Stamford Town Hall

In situ conservation of a 17th century mayoral board in Stamford Town Hall.

  • Before and after conservation

    Before and after conservation

  • Removal of discoloured varnish showing discoloured retouching

    Removal of discoloured varnish showing discoloured retouching

  • Retouching darkened areas

    Retouching darkened areas

  • Before retouching

    Before retouching

  • After retouching

    After retouching

Stamfordia Comitatu Lincoln board is hung in Stamford Town Hall, list the Town’s aldermen from 1416 to 1700.  The date that the panel is not known, but it is thought that it was painted in approximately 1639.  

The board was extremely discoloured due to years of dirt, nicotine and candle smoke build up, as well as aged varnish. there were also a significant amount of lost paint.  

Stamford Town Council commissioned Lincoln Conservation to analyse and conserve the board, in order to confirm the presumed date of painting, improve its appearance and readability, and ensure its long-term preservation. 

The work was undertaken in two phases: Phase 1, recording, cleaning, removal of varnish and overpaint, and consolidation; and phase 2, retouching.

Elemental analysis using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) and pigment identification using Polarising Light Microscopy (PLM), were used to better understand the materials used in the painting, and to help date it. The results identified lead white, vermillion, orpiment, ultramarine, which are all consistent with the pigments used in the 17th century.