Decorative Surfaces

Lincoln Conservation are recognised specialists in the cleaning, conservation and restoration of painted and gilded interiors, decorative artefacts and architectural elements throughout the UK.

Lincoln Conservation have the expertise to carry out extensive conservation work on both painted and gilded decorative surfaces. Our work varies in scale from large permanent fixtures within the building, i.e. painted surfaces within historic decorative interiors and architectural elements, to smaller, portable objects or artefacts.


Conservation treatments vary from stabilising and cleaning surviving historic finishes, to ensure longer term survival, through to consolidating, repairing and  reintegrating areas of missing decoration, in order to match in with that of the surviving material. In addition, we can sympathetically re-instate lost elements of design and decoration.


As part of this process, we investigate the underlying causes for the loss of historic fabric and formulate management programmes that will include actions to prevent or minimise failure in the future. These investigations may be purely environmental or housekeeping related, through to more interventive remedial procedures. This may be necessary when we are required to undertake work where previous conservation treatments have discoloured, or which have been excessive or unnecessary, resulting in further damage and distress to the surviving historic decoration.


As an organisation that only employs fully qualified professional conservators and restorers, we are able to assess the requirement of each individual project and are fully conversant in all conservation and redecoration techniques and remedial procedures.