Colour Matching

Specialised equipment and many years of experience combine to provide accurate colour referencing in order to undertake critical colour matching in conservation projects involving historic buildings, rooms or artefacts.

This is undertaken using calibrated spectro-photometers to provide accurate references to allow for redecoration, re-instatement or retouching of historic schemes. Colour referencing can be undertaken on-site using a mobile referencing system or at Lincoln Conservation’s research facilities. The samples required are very small, and if removal from site is necessary this is normally undertaken by the researchers.

The paint references provided are generally taken from the NCS – Natural Colour System®© an industry wide colour notation system; or alternatively the closest BS, RAL, or Munsell references can be supplied. Colour swatches and sample paint pots can also be provided for the client’s use when undertaking on-site paint trials. Any further on-site colour matching can be undertaken by the researchers in partnership with the client’s own appointed decorators.