Textiles are all around us; as part of clothing, furnishings, furniture and decorative objects. The wide-ranging experience of Lincoln Conservation and their partners means that we can work with clients on textiles both as standalone objects, and as part of a more holistic, inclusive programme of conservation to an historic interior.

We draw on experience in areas of textile conservation such as cleaning, stabilisation, mounting, support, and condition surveys. Working in our well-equipped laboratories we are able to accommodate a range of small- to medium-sized textile items, such as costume and clothing, embroidery (such as samplers or needlepoint), and the textile elements of some more complex items such as fans, or fabric covered objects. We are also able to extend our services to owners of larger objects (for example furniture and tapestry) and textile collections, by working from site on projects such as condition surveys, storage and packaging, and simple conservation in situ.

The range of services available includes:

  • Research and analysis into fibre, weave and construction
  • Research to establish historic background, cultural context and significance
  • Assessment of textile condition and causes of deterioration, either on site or in our laboratories
  • Cleaning, using surface methods, water or solvents
  • Repairing damaged or deteriorated fabrics and fibres
  • Stitching or adhering fragile textiles onto custom supports for display or framing
  • Bespoke mounts and packaging to enable correct storage of two- and three-dimensional textile items