Hull Maritime Museum Paintings

We conserved 13 paintings as part of Hull Maritime Museum’s major restoration project in 2021.

  • Conservation in progress

    Conservation in progress

  • Removing frame from painting for conservation

    Removing frame from painting for conservation

  • Re-gilding a frame

    Re-gilding a frame

  • Delicate cleaning

    Delicate cleaning

Hull Maritime Museum is currently undergoing major restoration works. The museum collection has been moved into storage during this period, providing a great opportunity for us to undertake necessary conservation work on 13 paintings and frames.

The paintings vary in medium between oil and acrylic and all depict a variety of themes relating to local maritime history. This includes subjects such as ships that sailed out of Hull, ships built in Hull, views of Hull and the Humber and one portrait of a local woman. 

We were asked to clean and restore the 13 paintings ranging from the eighteenth to twentieth century, and their frames which were a mix of nineteenth and twentieth century designs.  

The paintings and frames were treated in our studio by Rhiannon, an ICON accredited Paintings Conservator, and her team, aided by interns from the University of Lincoln Conservation course. 

The paintings and frames were delicately cleaned and old restoration efforts were removed. Damaged areas of the paintings were carefully repaired and areas of loss were retouched. 

Finally, areas of decorative loss on the frame were fixed by casting moulds of existing decorative features and re-gilding to retouch and unify the frame. 

You can read more about the exciting wider restoration project taking place at the Hull Maritime Museum here