Virtual Immersive Environments.

Create an accurate and immersive 3D copy for all types of built spaces to explore and study with ease.

  • Our conservation and science laboratories

    Our conservation and science laboratories

What we offer

We can easily create an interactive, three-dimensional model of your space. We can scan and enable you and your audience to view your space from multiple angles anywhere and anytime. You can measure and interact with space. We can embed detailed annotations and media. Our process allows us to create 3D walkthroughs, guided tours, high-quality photos, schematic floor plans and 3D OBJ files.


Benefits, uses and applications.

  • Promote your space. Annotate and embed media into your immersive space highlighting key features, points of interest and hidden stories.
  • Minimise the risk, time and cost of site visits. Teams can remotely walk through the digital copy and accurately measure and inspect a site adding notes, links, videos, or photos.
  • Reach a wider audience. Showcase the potential of your space to new audiences
  • Remote training and wayfinding. Enable tenants and visitors to prepare themselves before they visit or move into a place such as; where to go, where to queue or where to find and how to use the key amenities. Remotely train people how to navigate spaces before they arrive. This can apply to buildings, vehicles, temporary structures.
  • Access the inaccessible. Provide access to spaces that are difficult for the young, old, disabled or spaces that are remote and difficult to get to.
  • Provides 3D virtual navigation from a laptop, tablet, smartphone or VR system
  • Let your audience self-navigate and explore your space at their own pace.
  • Measure, assess and document all aspects of the space at a given moment and create schematic floor plans
  • Create an immersive experience not possible from photos, video or 360 filming.
  • 4K HDR photos. Navigate your space to take unlimited snapshots from any position.
  • 3D digital copy of indoor and outdoor spaces. We use both the Matterport and Leica scanners to capture all sorts of internal and external spaces


Who is this aimed at?

Our technology and expertise supports a variety of applications including the development of virtual visitor experiences to the documentation and interactive analysis of spaces. Consequently, we work with;

  • Heritage, architecture, engineering and construction.
  • Developers, planners and restoration projects
  • Heritage agencies
  • Historic and cultural sites and venues
  • Facilities management
  • Curators and museums