The use of proven research based techniques allows us to clean, repair or replicate wallpapers and wall coverings found in all historic buildings.

Our services include:

  • Condition appraisal and recording of wallpapers.
  • Research and analysis of wallpapers to assist in dating and to determine presence of toxins.
  • Conservation of historic wallpapers in situ, including cleaning, consolidation of powdering or flaking surface decoration, tear repairs, re-fixing detaching elements, strengthening papers and reintroducing missing detail, if appropriate.
  • Removal of damaged wallpapers, conservation and repair in the laboratory followed by reinstatement in their original setting. 
  • Retrieval of papers for safe archival storage or display elsewhere if retaining them in situ is not possible. 
  • Replication of historic wallpapers either to reproduce the original based on evidence discovered in situ or during research, or to complement an earlier decorative scheme.