Architectural Ceramics & Tiles

Specialists in the cleaning, care, restoration and conservation of all glazed architectural ceramics including tiles, faience, terracotta and Coade stone.

Lincoln Conservation have specialist knowledge and experience in the treatment and care of architectural ceramics and tiles. Our recognised experts can advise on every aspect of the care and maintenance of all materials of this type including terracotta and Coade stone, plus glazed materials such as faience and tiles.

We undertake treatments in situ, at the bench, or in the lab, and are able to compensate for lost areas by producing sympathetically accurate reproductions to harmonise with existing historic material.

We offer treatment for architectural ceramics in interior or exterior locations from medieval to 21st century.

Treatment Programs

  • Our specialists can deliver bespoke architectural ceramic and tile treatments including:
  • Light cleaning. To remove surface dust and deposits.
  • Deep cleaning. To remove concretions and ingrained deposits. This is carried out using non-aggressive means to safeguard the ceramics and soft glazes.
  • Consolidation. To strengthen ceramic material and in some cases its substrate.
  • Replacement. We can reproduce original ceramic material to compensate for missing sections or individual tiles, matching form, colour and surface texture. We use inert, durable materials which tone with their surrounding to achieve a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing finish to the historic scheme of which they are apart.
  • Detachment and Mounting. In extreme circumstances, it may be necessary to remove tiles from their original location. We can undertake this service and apply them onto moveable, rigid support for their protection. They can then be replaced in situ if it is safe to do so, or alternatively displaying in an alternative setting.
  • Care and maintenance plans. These may be for the care of simple panels or a more comprehensive scheme. We can provide an easy to follow programme which may be carried out by volunteers or a more detailed plan for owners or custodians.